NBT Installation Instructions

   Instructions & Warnings

WARNING - Do not unplug the NBT marine head unit while the boat has any  kind of power running. EXAMPLE: when removing the unit from the boat the Connected Garmin unit can NOT be just powered off, there must be zero volts running to the entire system.


Failing to turn OFF all power in the system (BOAT) can cause bad ground and failing cables. Cables will not be covered under warranty and can be purchased online at NBTmarine.com



INSTALL - When installing the NBT marine head unit be sure to look closely at the connections. There is a MICRO USB and HDMI LINK cable in the box.


STEP 1. Ensure there is zero power to the WHOLE BOAT. 


STEP 2. Install the HDMI LINK cable to the Garmin unit. This will be the largest end of the HDMI CABLE with the big collar, you will slide the collar away from the HDMI cable end, then plug the cable into the Garmin HDMI OUT port. Once the cable is in you will slide and screw the first part of the large collar onto the unit, followed by the BLUE rubber seal, and finally lock it down with the second collar.


STEP 3. Install the USB LINK cable to the Garmin unit. This will be the small black collared end of the SMALL cable. You will insert the MICRO USB with the flat side to the top of the unit into the USB slot on the Garmin head unit. (Will losleys fall in place and snug up after 8 turns! If it's tight fast it's not seated correctly). 


STEP 4. Plug the small end of the HDMI LINK cable into the NBT head unit. And screw it on straight and snug. There are 2 HDMI ports on the NBT. It does NOT matter what port you use.


STEP 5. Plug in the silver collared end of the NBT marine USB LINK cable into the unit.


STEP 6. PLUG the DC (red power cable) into the NBT marine head unit slot.



Please review our NBTmarine USA facebook page for more help or our youtube channel for more information.



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